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vol.8 MapR Technologies Inc.

MapR Technologies Inc.

vol.8 MapR Technologies Inc.

Mr. Yoshiaki Hirabayashi,  Country Manager

Harnessing innovative technology to process enormous amounts of data in real time—Indispensible for enterprise systems of the future

In order to explain what MapR is and does, it is necessary to first mention Hadoop. Hadoop is an open-source software framework that allows storing and processing of very large data sets in a distributed environment. It was developed by an engineer working at Yahoo!, based on a research paper published by Google. The framework was quickly adopted by many companies providing online services. MapR in turn is a product that greatly improves Hadoop performance for business applications.

As Mr. Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, Country Manager for the Japan Office of MapR Technologies puts it, “Hadoop is open-source software which means that in principle it can be used by anyone. However, we have equipped it with innovative technology that makes it significantly faster while ensuring both operability and reliability on a very high plane.”

As a case in point, using MapR makes it possible to distribute Internet based advertisement data at a given instant within a response time frame of only a few milliseconds, making them highly effective. This enables for example the realization of a service that sells “items” to the user of a smartphone based game with optimal timing. Because MapR handles multiple very large data sets on a single converged platform, it provides excellent real time performance.

“Rather than only sampling isolated bits of information, an entire set of big data can now be analyzed completely using algorithms that yield highly accurate information. When using multiple platforms to handle data volumes measured in petabytes (one quadrillion bytes), simply moving the data among platforms requires a lot of time. With our converged platform on the other hand, processing speed is increased which improves operability and also results in lower costs.”

What MapR provides is only the underpinning, in other words the basic framework for processing data. Utilizing the data then requires separate application software. The company therefore has established partnerships with 10 system integrator companies in Japan, in order to offer data-driven solutions that help clients achieve success and growth.

With the intent of expanding its business activities in Japan, the company chose EGG JAPAN as its location. The excellent access to public transport including a number of rail lines was one factor in this decision, along with the meeting area and multi-purpose open space that provides ample opportunity for working and communicating also outside the dedicated offices. “For a company like ours, that regularly holds seminars for partners and customers, having an event space right next to the office is an important plus” (Mr. Hirabayashi).

Furthermore, participation in community events organized by EGG JAPAN provides the opportunity to encounter members of other foreign IT companies and other potential clients, a fact that has already resulted in actual business connections.

MapR so far is providing services to about 40 companies in Japan, operating in a wide range of fields from Internet advertising to communications. Looking towards the future, Mr. Hirabayashi comments: “Japan has a large number of manufacturers, which creates considerable potential for IoT related development. While focusing on this area, we intend to make use of the support provided by EGG JAPAN.”


Be faithful to people. Be a likeable person.

With regard to work, I derive pride from being able to provide real customer satisfaction. Since the product of our company is software that is updated every year, there is a possibility of it being dropped along the way, unless it lives up to expectations. With this in mind, I aim to stay in constant communication with the customer. Personally, my motto is to be always forthcoming when dealing with people. Any trickery or deceit is bound to come back to oneself in the end. And I also aim to be likeable. I am quite confident that I can always keep a presentation on an upbeat note or brighten up a meeting.

Mr. Yoshiaki Hirabayashi

Mr. Yoshiaki Hirabayashi

After studying in the U.S., Mr. Hirabayashi worked in operations at GE Capital and served as sales director for IT companies. Subsequent career steps include positions at the Norwegian search engine developer Fast Search & Transfer, Microsoft, and other foreign enterprises. Appointed Country Manager for the Japan Office of MapR Technologies in 2013.

MapR Technologies

MapR was created in 2009, with the leader of one of Google’s major search infrastructure teams being a co-founder.
The company’s headquarters are located in California,
and the customer base comprises some 800 companies around the world.
As a provider of the industry's only converged data platform, MapR is serving organizations with the most demanding production needs.

A majority of customers achieve payback in fewer than 12 months and realize greater than 5X ROI.
Amazon, Cisco, Google, HPE, Microsoft, SAP, and Teradata are part of the worldwide MapR partner ecosystem.
MapR Technologies K.K. was established in April 2013 as the Japan Office of MapR Technologies.

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Supporting business development, with the Marunouchi business district of Tokyo as the base. Supporting business development, with the Marunouchi business district of Tokyo as the base.

We provide total business support through our Business Development Office, our Tokyo 21c Club of members from a wide range of industries and our highly experienced management team.