Space for All

The Lounge

A Space for freedom and reinvigorate. You will be welcoming your guests and we will welcome your guests. Space for Events, Food, Drinks, and Meetings. Whatever your work demands.

Events Space

Whether closed or open, meeting people is (almost) the core of your work and how businesses grow. The Bar is excited to see you get connected to others. Speak to us how to indulge your guests (and you).

The Bar

Not just a place for a good coffee but to gather and socialize. The food and drink makes the workdays and evenings ideas hatch.

Winter Garden

A Garden with unbeatable views of Tokyo Station.

Meeting Room

Whether small or large, on or offline in the space where the jobs get done.

Space for You

Private Office

Space to focus. Space to get creative. It is your space.

Hot Desk

All about your choice to work or mingle, conduct solo work or team work. All the benefit of being a member at EGG.

Floor Plan

Target & Support

In order to assist in cultivating your new clients, we utilize EGG’s network to provide total support, from the introductions of potential client companies and experts to supporting your entrance into the Japanese market.

EGG is the best gateway for anyone who are considering to expand your business in Japan


  • Introduction to potential customers

    Use the EGG network to meet new customers, including major businesses in the Marunouchi area.

  • Introduction to specialists

    Introduction to accountants, certified tax accountants, lawyers and other specialists you will need to establish and manage your company.

  • Event Assistance

    In addition to helping you hold events, we can help you by using the EGG network to attract a wide range of attendees.

  • Support for entering the Japanese Market

    We offer comprehensive support for international companies wishing to enter the Japanese market, from such procedural matters as incorporating a company in Japan and opening bank accounts to developing customers.

  • PR support

    We can increase your media exposure and can introduce you to experienced key media figures.

  • Membership of The M Cube

    You can join our The M Cube, which holds networking events and seminars for over 500 diverse members.

  • Corporation Registration

    You can register EGG as the registered address of corporation registration, which is required to establish a company in Japan.

The Beginning


Online Registration

Please complete the Contact form and return it to us. Our staff will reach you by e-mail.


Interview(Online or Offline)

We will inquire about your business and your requirements for the office (timing, budget, etc.).

*If necessary, we will ask you to prepare requisite documents.

Business Hearing

Based on the submitted documents and content of the hearing, there will be a review for the contract.


Contract and Deposit

Once an agreement is reached, the draft contract is handed over to you and the move-in process proceeds.


Expand your business based in Marunouchi, Tokyo. 

We look forward to welcoming you into an ideal environment where you can focus on business development.