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vol.3 Groovenauts


vol.3 Groovenauts

Chief Executive Officer  Mr.Eihiro Saishu

Back-end services for gaming industry require high-speed processing technologies. Such know-how will expand opportunities in other sectors.

As smartphones, tablets and other types of smart devices are so widely used, the popularity of online social games is burgeoning. Groovenauts is a company supporting the forefront of online game development with highly-advanced technologies. They provide cloud service solutions focused on gaming that are able to manage enormous data sets and transactions effectively and provide the comfortable environment for both developers and users.

Mr. Eihiro Saishu, CEO of Groovenauts, explains that back-end services for gaming companies require uniquely severe conditions.

“Games are basically for entertainment, so spoiling the rhythmical fun is out of the question. That is why the gaming industry is peculiar in demanding very severe requirements for response speed. Even if some thousands to millions of gamers around the world connect online at the same time, the server has to respond to each request instantly and can never go down whatever the situation is. This level of severe requirements is unique to the gaming industry”, he said.

As one of the examples, Tokyo Stock Exchange has implemented the systems to process trading transactions of stocks and other financial instruments from around the world, but the services provided by Groovenauts boast the processing ability of three to four times more than those systems at Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Such high-speed processing technologies can be applied to other various types of industries. For instance, the said environment, where a server must respond instantly to a large number of traffic from mobile devices, is similar to the situation faced by car navigation systems and automated driving of cars.

However, Mr. Saishu declares that Groovenauts has no intention to push too hard for its growth.

“The technologies we currently deal with are intended for general-use, but I think that we will need to focus more on specifi c usages and purposes in the future. So we try not to hurry for growth at the moment, but concentrate on continuous advancement of the current business fi eld. We decided to set up our branch within the EGG JAPAN facility in the Shin-Marunouchi Building, because it would provide us with easier access to various sources needed for our future projects”, he said.

Mr. Saishu also sees that locating their base in EGG JAPAN has accelerated personal connections that can contribute highly for securing talented human resources as well as providing advantages for business.Established in July 2011 in Fukuoka, Groovenauts opened their office in Tokyo after just four months. They will continue to operate with those two bases in Fukuoka and Tokyo.

Speaking on his ambition, Mr. Saishu said, “For the sake of people who try to start a business outside of Tokyo, we definitely would like to succeed. One day when Fukuoka will host an establishment like EGG JAPAN, we are happy to collaborate with them in some way.”


Making Success from Out of Tokyo

From my experience of traveling frequently between two offi ces in Fukuoka and Tokyo, I feel that a huge success made by a local company may give great impact to our society. Considering current status of the Japanese economy, I believe it may be critical to have more options, such as starting up a business in cities other than Tokyo. We want to be a pioneer in this approach, and consider making the full use of having bases in two cities.

Mr.Eihiro Saishu

Mr.Eihiro Saishu

Mr. Saishu serves as Chief Executive Officer of Groovenauts, which was born under the new name as a result of the merger in 2012 between CLIP Entertainment based in Fukuoka and the cloud solution department of EC-One which he founded in 1998. Prior to that, he worked for AST (now Tata Consultancy Services Japan), after graduating from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Waseda University in 1985.


Groovenauts is a provider of cloud services for online games, among other solutions.
Based on their core technology to manage enormous data and transactions effectively,
the company provides services for mainly the field of gaming.

Having Mr. Yukihiro Matsumoto as Chief Architect, who is also the creator of the Ruby programming language,
Groovenauts collaborates closely with the Ruby community to bottom up the process of technological development.

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which is the appendix of "Nikkei Business Associe" from November issue in 2014.
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Photographer:Mika Sasaki
 Writer:Mayumi Asakura

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Supporting business development, with the Marunouchi business district of Tokyo as the base. Supporting business development, with the Marunouchi business district of Tokyo as the base.

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